The Writing Life and a Hot Cuppa

This blog chronicles one writer’s creative journey, which typically includes copious amounts of tea.

Welcome to the Oolong Inkwell, so named because my passion for tea generally accompanies my writing.

Since my eight-year-old self declared “authoress” as her future dream job in a purple diary with white hearts, I’ve gone on to build a successful writing career. “Successful” in that I’ve continued to pay my mortgage and have never declared bankruptcy. However, the bulk of my writing involves practical application of my skill: corporate communications, marketing copy, etc. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I believe that, had I devoted my talents to short stories and novels, the above definition of success would not apply to my writing life.

Anyhoo, decades have passed since that pre-teen girl announced her desired career path to the universe, and I have made scant progress toward that goal. To date, I have published one short story in an anthology, and I have completed one novel, which landed me an agent but no book sale.

This blog chronicles the latest developments in my creative journey, from embracing 10X thinking to simply forcing myself to get out of bed at five o’clock in hopes of squeezing in personal productivity before life intrudes. I plan to record the ups and downs of the traditional publishing path, as well as any forays into self-publishing. (Yes, I consider self-publishing an excellent, viable means of building a writing career, but the overwhelming majority of the writers doing it are embarrassing themselves and wasting readers’ time. Did I mention that I have strong opinions?)

If you find any of these posts educational or remotely interesting, that’s a bonus, and you’re welcome to come along for the ride, perhaps with a nice hot cuppa. Even if you find this content somehow offensive, but you’re at least considering an alternate viewpoint, I’m good with that, too.

And if no one else ever reads these words, the effort will still be worthwhile. The writing life is all about the journey, and some journeys are solo expeditions.

– Mistina

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